Punch List for A Rent Ready Home

I contacted my landlord with questions about the house which means I am one step closer to buying it. With all of the questions I asked her I should be able to run the numbers, make an offer, and work out a deal. Considering I can’t know how much longer we have until it’s time to get renters I compiled a punch list of things left to do.

In order to have the lower unit rent ready, these are the things that I must have completed

  • Remove the door in T’s bedroom
  • Paint the last wall in T’s bedroom
  • Paint the trim in T’s bedroom


These first three tasks are the leftovers from when I painted the paneling in this room and the fact that the trim is in desperate need of a fresh coat

  • Touch up paint around the house
  • Finish Painting Inside Cabinets
  • Paint Outside Cabinets
  • Seal the grout on the new backsplash


  • Check that the heater is clean and running smoothly
  • Check the smoke detector
  • Fix the run in the carpet
  • Install a fan in the bathroom
  • Fix the overhead light in the bathroom
  • Clean everything

On the other hand, there are also things I would like to have done before we get tenants. Time and money permitting

  • Replace carpet with new carpet in bedrooms/living room
  • Replace carpet with laminate in kitchen/dining area


I’m thinking of going with a laminate similar to this (maybe even this one), and a beige brown carpet

  • Stain stair treads, paint the risers.

These last three wants all have to do with flooring. The only spot in our unit that doesn’t have carpet is the bathroom. Even in the places that it makes sense to have carpet, the carpet isn’t so great even after a good cleaning. Mostly the idea with replacing the flooring is we would likely get a better deal if we bought the same flooring for upstairs and downstairs all at once. One of the first things I would like to do once (if) we get the house is replace all the flooring upstairs even before moving in.

I’m planning on knocking out some of the items on the must-do list over my spring break (in one week). It’s probably a good thing that we just got bombarded with snow here in Michigan, otherwise I might be tempted to do some yard work.

What’s on your punch list?

See You Around!

Lauren ❤


3 thoughts on “Punch List for A Rent Ready Home

  1. Hi Lauren! We have a pretty decent sized punch list for our town home. We bought it new in 2007 and we need to repair some grout in the bathrooms, seal our counter tops, have a window repaired (rock was spit out by the lawn mower and chipped the glass), replace the caulk in the kitchen sink (it’s so gross) and some other stuff I can’t think of right now. Also, if you have any tips on fixing a run in our berber carpeting I’m all ears. Enjoy your break! Ours is the end of March. It seems so far away! Ugh. xo Whitney

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    • Hey Whitney, I don’t think fixing runs in carpeting is typically a DIY project but Chris’s dad does flooring for a living so I’m thinking he has the tools for us to borrow. I think all it takes is stretching the carpet a bit, but I’m not sure. You’re lucky your break is farther out, better weather! 🙂

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