The Final Piece to a Paneling Free Home

I have been feeling quite slow moving on progress with the house, so this weekend I finally pulled the trigger and painted little T’s bedroom!


Here is the panorama of this crazy room before its kick ass makeover. Hello again weird door midway up the wall. Glad you decided to make another appearance on the blog. And although the post title basically suggests there is literally no more paneling in my house, I mean the paneling is painted. But then again that’s not entirely true because I’m not going to paint the closet wall until we take out the weird door and drywall it. When that happens I will also fill in the cracks in the paneling on just that wall so it doesn’t look super mish moshy. But anyway, PROGRESS. and that is why we are gathered here today.


First I filled the crib up with the random assortment of toys, shoved it to the middle of the room along with the dresser, took some random stuff out of the room, put other things in the closet, and decapitated the iron man sticker and put him on the closet.

To prep I filled in all the holes with spackle, covered the stuff left in the room with a plastic drop cloth, and took off all the outlet covers. I then went through and sanded all the walls with 220 grit sandpaper so the paint would have better adhesion to the wall. I was going to use my new electric sander I bought, but I figured that would be a little bit excessive for just needing to scuff the walls up a bit.

Please please do not skip the sanding step. When Chris and I painted our bedroom paneling we didn’t sand and it was a big mistake. if the walls are nicked with furniture the paint scrapes right off and there are itty bitty spots where you can see the dark paneling. At the very least rough the surface up a bit even if you don’t go full force and sand the crap out of it.



Before I started painting I went around the room and wiped all the sanding dust off the walls along with any cobwebs in the corners. I also vacuumed the carpet and along the trim to make sure no dust would get into my paint.



When I was cutting in I made sure to get all of the cracks in the paneling because a roller doesn’t do a very good job of that unless you want to push really hard. At this point I also filled in any more holes that I didn’t notice the first time around.


After rolling on the primer I could see a few areas where either the paneling color was showing through or it was discoloration from nicotine. In the end though I decided to only do one coat since that is what we did in the bedroom, and the paneling was even darker colored in there.



Even when I cut in with the paint I filled in all the cracks. When I started brushing on the paint I remembered how much I love this color. It’s called winter sky gray. It seems rather blue to me though which was a surprise when we first painted our bedroom. I guess it makes sense though since skys are usually blue to some extent.


slightly above the electrical outlet near the door, and if you follow the line to the right of the little hole upwards  you will notice some flaws in the gaps. both of these parts were sort of pulling away from the wall which obviously wouldn’t look good when painted. Chris’s genius solution was to staple gun them down, and it actually worked like a gem.

I also really just love this picture because even though the trim hasn’t been repainted yet you can still see the crisp difference between the bluish gray wall and the white trim. Just beautiful. (excuse the splotches, the wall wasn’t done drying yet).


Final product with the “accent wall”. still hadn’t put the room back together yet. I love how much the painted room draws attention to the window and reminds me of how much brighter the room is.

Also notice how high the top of the door goes, and that the area up there is painted. We don’t have a step stool so I was using a chair to paint, but couldn’t reach high enough so I asked Chris if he could reach. He just decided to open up the door and stand on the stairs landing. It’s a good thing we were friends with the upstairs neighbors before they moved in and we keep that door unlocked. (it is set up though so both sides can be locked and not one unit has control over the door). Either way it needs to go. Sayonara door!!


Another view and a way for me to imagine that there is absolutely no more paneling. 😀 I’m in love.



And of course some views of the room put back together/rearranged (minus the still decapitated Iron Man)


If you follow me on Instagram you may have already had an inkling of today’s post before it happened. If not, you should follow me on Instagram because I’m planning on more mini updates with projects as they’re happening.

Before painting my paneling I also got some really useful information in this blog post about what to use on different types of paneling, and some tools that make it a lot easier.

It took me about a day and a half to get this project done and I mostly did it by myself except Chris helped me roll on the primer, and he rolled the paint on by himself. My body was definitely sore from constantly kneeling, standing, and getting up on a chair. Maybe I’m just weak but that stuff is taxing!

I’m so glad to have this project done and I’m thinking it’s really going to propel me into finishing my other projects and working on my time management a little more so even more progress can be made.

What are your motivating factors?

See You Around!

Lauren ❤




6 thoughts on “The Final Piece to a Paneling Free Home

  1. Your writing always makes me laugh out loud! I love your sense of humor! And that room? WOW! What an awesome transformation! We drywalled over our paneling. I will have to try your way the next house we buy a house that has paneling.

    Liked by 1 person

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