Painted Glass Jar Pencil Holder

As I mentioned in my Friday Finds post, I collected a bunch of old bottles and was brainstorming some ideas of what I could do with them. I decided to make pencil holders out of a few of the smaller jars that had some cool detail on them. My old pencil jars were made out of tin cans with spray paint and string, and I decided it was time for something different.

Below is a picture from my college apartment, and you can see my old pencil holder on the right.


First I put all my pens and pencils in the jars to make sure they would all fit, and the jars were the appropriate heights.

Shabby Chic Painted Glass Jars

Then I took the jars outside and gave them a couple coats of black metallic spray paint.

Shabby Chic Painted Glass Jars

I liked how they looked, but I thought they needed something that would bring out the cool details in the jars more. (the one on the far left doesn’t have anything special)

Shabby Chic Painted Glass Jars

To try to bring out the details more I sanded the ridged areas.

Shabby Chic Painted Glass Jars

You can tell from this angle that I sanded the jars, but looking at them from the outside there wasn’t a whole lot of difference.

Shabby Chic Painted Glass Jars Shabby Chic Painted Glass Jars

Like basically no difference at all. 😦

SO. I decided to pull out some of my craft paints and paint the insides of the jars.

Shabby Chic Painted Glass Jars

I just used a regular brush (for crafting, not walls :P) and painted on an aqua color in the two outside jars and a lilac color in the middle jar. I also painted slightly on the rims too.

Shabby Chic Painted Glass Jars

Here is what the jars look like from the top. I didn’t bother making the paint really thick because the jars will be filled and from the outside it looks solid enough.

Shabby Chic Painted Glass Jars

And here they are all settled on top of my china cabinet with some DIY canvas art I did a while ago.

What do you think? Do you like the chippy look of the jars?

I still have several other jars to find uses for, but first I think I need to find a good scrub brush that can get into the small necked bottles.

See You Around!

Lauren ❤


Permission Granted

About a month ago I texted my landlord about ripping up the carpet on the entry stairs and replacing it with some vinyl. It took her about a week to respond, so I figured the answer would be no as it usually is.

Quite the contrary, she texted back and said sure! Boy was I surprised. Having permission to sporadically change things in the house is very exciting.

Within half an hour of getting her text I started ripping the carpet up.


Here’s what we started with. The big rug is usually in the kitchen, but it’s been up there a while because spring tracks a lot of mud in, and it’s annoying having to vacuum the landing all the time.


We also track in a lot of pine needles which hurt like a SOB to step on when they’re stuck in the carpet.

Since I had permission from the landlord and was raring to go, I didn’t bother telling Chris before I started destroying the carpet. I was so sick of it and wasn’t going to wait any longer.


The first thing I found was the landing is made of plywood and covered in that black stuff. I think the black stuff is some sort of non-slip sand adhesive. Then I kept pulling up the carpet and got this piece of joy.


Nice pine steps and risers! Yay.

After ripping the carpet and padding off I pulled out all the tack strips and staples from the stairs. I didn’t pull all the staples from the landing because I’m going to cover it with vinyl, and the stairs will be painted and stained with General Finishes Java Gel. Instead, I pulled all the padding out that was stuck in them and hammered them down.

One issue that I ran into with the tack strips is that I don’t own a crowbar. Instead, I just used a hammer and flathead screwdriver. Just wedge the screwdriver under the strip where the nail is and use the hammer to wiggle it under further. Then use the leverage and pull up on the strip (by pushing down on the screwdriver). It’s kind of a pain in the butt on some of them, but it works.

After getting all the staples off the steps they were ready to be sanded in preparation for stain. The picture below is before sanding.


I took my Ridgid random orbital sander to the steps with an 80 grit sanding pad. Since I have an orbital sander (which is round) I couldn’t get all the way to the edges of the stairs very well which left some paint. I went back by hand to try to get as much off as I could, but it wasn’t very efficient.

The picture below is after sanding. It’s a little hard to compare because of the opposite angles, but they’re a lot cleaner with fewer paint splatters.


Next, I cleaned the steps off with a shop towel and some mineral spirits. Then I applied mineral spirits to each step right before I stained. General finishes recommends this to help the stain go on smoothly.

Make sure to apply stain to every other step so that the stairs are still usable while the stain dries (6-8 hours).
And then here’s a picture of them all stained.

After the stain was dry I taped the stairs off to paint the risers.
I also used paper so I wouldn’t get paint on the newly stained steps. As you can see in the picture, I didn’t tape off the risers when I stained. I figured it would be easy to paint over. It seemed that it actually was easier to cover the paint with gel stain than the other way around.

Before priming I sanded the risers by hand with 80 grit sandpaper.
After the first coat of primer I went back and filled in the holes with spackle. Then I sanded lightly and did another coat. I like to wait until I prime to fill in the holes because it makes them a lot more visible.
After two coats of primer I applied two coats of paint.

I also sanded and repainted the trim by the landing to make sure it looks crisp before installing the vinyl
image image

I’ve repainted this trim probably twice already, but it gets dingy pretty quickly and the new floor will be lower than the carpet.

Before putting in the new vinyl I also wanted to stain the threshold of the front door to match the steps.
image image

Since the stairs are going to be a different color than the vinyl on the landing, I wanted to make sure the entry looks as cohesive as possible.

And of course, since this will be a high traffic area I added a coat of General Finishes Gel Topcoat.

And after several days of putting it off, we finally got around to laying the vinyl on the landing! It’s really easy to do, and I was going to attempt doing it myself. Chris wanted me to wait until he would be around to help me though, which honestly was a good idea. Laying the floor and cutting the boards isn’t too bad when it’s just straight cuts, but having to work around the trim pieces was really frustrating for me. I explain in this post how we laid the floor in our bathroom, and what exactly we used if you’re interested 😀


Chris did up until this point on the landing, and I got to do the rest until the trim on the other side of the door. I didn’t get to do much cutting when we did the bathroom floor, so I’m glad I got to try it out.

20160622_202407.jpg 20160622_202313.jpg

20160622_202042.jpg 20160622_202100.jpg

I am so obsessed with the way it turned out. The entry feels so much brighter and spacious now that the carpet is gone. And it’s going to  be way easier to keep it clean. No more lugging the vacuum all the way up the steps!

20160531_160323.jpg 20160622_202042.jpg

If you like this post let me know, and feel free to pass it along!

See You Around!

Lauren ❤


Dresser Phase 2

A while back I added some paint to a dresser, and meanwhile bickered up a storm about the idiot that did such a horrible paint job. Turns out Chris got this dresser from one of his friends, and the truth is he just didn’t care enough about this dresser to take the time to do the job right (sorry not sorry, Mike. It looked like crap).

In phase 1 I added a coat of white paint to the whole thing (minus the wood top) including the insides of the drawers. And we can’t forget about that God awful contact paper I removed. Lastly, I gave the drawer pulls a nice coat of black spray paint.

Contact Paper


I also attempted to remove some of the paint from the wood top.

Knob Before

In phase two, this is what I started with.



In this stage, the first thing I did was pull all the drawers out and tape off the top in order to give the rest of the dresser one last coat of white paint with my Home Right Finish Max HVLP Sprayer.


We didn’t have any newspaper, so I used what we had which is colored construction paper.

To get everything prepped I made sure to strain my paint since it was leftover from other projects. I bought this sink strainer from Dollar General and it fits perfectly into my sprayer’s container!


Typically paint will also have to be thinned in order to avoid clogging the sprayer. The Home Right Finish Max comes with a viscosity cup, and depending on how quickly the paint runs out that will tell you if it needs to be thinned more. For water based paints it is perfectly okay to thin with water.

Here’s what she looks like with the fresh coat of white!


20160513_155751.jpg 20160513_155638.jpg

I’m not sure what is up with the left side of this dresser, but the color looks a little bit off compared to the right side. In the before pictures it’s also obvious that it was harder to get good coverage. Not sure why, but now the only difference is the color slightly.


It’s a little hard to see, but in the picture above the wind knocked some dirt into my paint job! I waited until everything dried and just wiped it off with a dry rag. Good as new.

To really give this bland dresser some more character I decided to paint the drawers with General Finishes Holiday Red Milk Paint. T’s bedroom is (mostly) Avenger themed and I thought this color would go perfectly.

The night before painting these drawers I bought a roll of masking paper and taped the three sides of the drawers I didn’t want painted.


I didn’t tape the bottoms because I figured no one was going to see the paint on them during general use.


Originally I had the set the drawers up like this in the photo below, but when I tried to start spraying nothing came out. The sprayer can be tilted somewhat, but not to this extent.


So instead I dragged our outdoor table over and put a plastic drop cloth over it and set the drawers on top. That worked perfectly, but I should have laid the paper side down. As you can see with the third drawer from the left in the picture above, there is some of the drawer peeping through. This is because the paper wasn’t quite long enough. When I laid the drawers down the paper sunk more and I got overs spray inside the drawers. It will be an easy fix to sand them down a little and go over it with a brush and some white paint, but it could have been avoided.

20160519_133148.jpg 20160519_134155.jpg

Here are the drawers with their fresh coat of red. I think the picture on the right gives the most accurate representation of what this color looks like in real life.

Next I set out to remove more paint from the edges of the wood top. To do this I taped the painted part off and used a cotton ball with rubbing alcohol. Some areas came right off, and others I just had to scrape a little with my fingernail.

image image

You can see there are only tiny little flecks left.


The front had even more paint, and now there’s none!

Last but not least this baby got a fresh coat of stain on top with some leftover General Finishes water based stain in Brown Mahogany.


The final product is exactly what I had in mind, and I absolutely love it! Even though his room is (mostly) Avengers themed I had to style the dresser up with some of  little T’s firefighter gear. I don’t recall mentioning this on the blog, but Chris is a firefighter 🙂


Even though red is a vibrant color I can think of so many styles this dresser could go along with, even in just a kid’s room.

As a side note, this is not a sponsored post in any way. This is the first project I’ve used my Home Right Finish Max for and it worked like a charm. This is also the first time I have used General Finishes Milk Paint, and I love it just as much as their other products I have tried (Gel Stain and Topcoat, and Water Based Stain).

What style would you use this dresser with? As always feel free to leave me a question or comment, I would love to hear what you have to say 🙂

See You Around!

Lauren ❤

Friday Finds

Last Friday I had quite an adventurous day, and I found several cool things throughout. Some I kept, some I didn’t.

My best friend was home from college for a few days, and we went to my mom’s house to get my (horse) show clothes for her to borrow. Unfortunately, the tenant that is currently renting my mom’s house said they “may have ended up at goodwill after the garage sale”. That’s hundreds of dollars of clothes down the drain, my friends. And let me tell you… my mom was NOT happy when she found out. Yikes.

On the bright side, I was able to grab a few things I decided I wanted to take home. Some of the things I grabbed included riding boots, sewing machine, coat rack with cubbies, my tennis racket, and a sweet plaid wool blanket that I think belonged to my mom’s dad.

My mom doesn’t live at the house currently, but we both have plenty of stuff stored away in the garage. I’ve been wanting to get the rest of my stuff especially after what happened, but Chris and I just don’t have the space to store anything else. I figure that once we buy a house if it has a garage then I will get the rest of my stuff and possibly some/all of mom’s stuff that’s there (honestly I don’t think she would notice if someone stole everything of hers out of there). Her address is… just kidding 😉

Speaking of a new house… I found this awesome file folder at the antique store in my hometown. We figured while we were in town we had to stop!


It’s so adorable and I didn’t think it was too pricey. It instantly made me think of that Fixer Upper style. Unfortunately, I currently don’t have an office at home so I don’t have a use for it yet. Now that I think about it, I totally should have just bought it and taken it to work!

Last but not least I scavenged up a bunch of really cool old bottles. While we were at the antique store I saw a bunch of old glass medicine bottles and mentioned how my mom used to find those in her back yard all the time. My friend says they have a spot on the side of their road where people used to dump stuff and there are a TON of bottles. I like to call it the bottle graveyard.


Here are most of them after I packed them into the car. There are plenty more that were intact and easy to find, but I had to put them back because I don’t even know what I’m going to do with all of these!
Here they are lined up on the back steps after the initial rinse. Some of the bottles with the lids still on I didn’t get to yet because I’m gonna put gloves on so I don’t cut myself.


Filled them up with a dab of soap and a bunch of water



I haven’t gotten them all cleaned out yet. I need to get some better scrub brushes that will be able to fit into the bottles instead of a dishcloth.

I just love how unique some of these bottles are, but I still can’t decide what I want to do with all of them!

What would you do with all these bottles?

See You Around!

Lauren ❤

I’m back! An Update

Hi there! I can’t believe it has been a month since I last posted! I have gotten extremely busy with school, and the plans I had for the house have mostly gone sideways.

Our landlords decided they didn’t want to do a land contract, so I began looking into some mortgage options. FHA and USDA loans seemed like great options, but there was one huge problem. They don’t do loans for income properties. I actually cried when I heard that.


I decided at that point it seemed like buying our current house just wasn’t gonna happen, so I’ve been looking into other houses in the area. I really want to get a USDA loan, and if you’ve never heard of that their terms are pretty cool. Some of the requirements are the house has to be in a qualified rural area (which thankfully does not mean you have to live in a field), the loan minimum is $60,000, and there is no money down required!

I’ve been doing a few projects around the house here and there when I have time, but nothing big enough to write about. Basically all I have done is touch up the paint in the bedrooms/caulk the corners where there is a gap in the paneling. Chris also got a chance to fix the garage door, and we have contacted the village to fix the driveway… but they are taking their sweet time and haven’t gotten back to us.

So thankfully you haven’t missed out on much 😉 As for the blog, once we buy another house I’ll have to go through a blog re-branding because obviously we won’t be living in a rental.

In the meantime… there. will. be. FURNITURE!! … (and small random house things)

Thanks for reading and hopefully we can get back on track soon!

See You Around!

Lauren ❤

Spring Cleaning: The Oven

Over spring break I finally got around to cleaning our disgusting oven. It was disgusting when we inherited it, but I would be lying if I said we didn’t contribute to the mess.


This is the horror I started with



I don’t understand how an oven gets to look like a murder scene, but this one sure does


I’m honestly kind of embarrassed by the fact that this oven has been this gross for so long. And by the fact that I actually cooked food in here.

To start I sprinkled baking soda over everything and tried my best to get it on the sides.


I read on Pinterest that simply letting baking soda and vinegar sit for a while then scrubbing works pretty great, so that’s what I did. I already use baking soda and vinegar for cleaning several other things in the house, so I had confidence it would clean the oven.

I used a spray bottle to spritz the vinegar in the oven. Even though it’s completely natural, be careful not to breathe in the vinegar fumes/spray. Acid in your lungs is never a good idea.


Before getting my sponge out I literally got a spatula to scrape out the gunk. Disgusting.


This is what the door looked like after the baking soda and vinegar method. Still gross, but it got the majority of the mess off. The sides of the oven also look WAY better.

20160312_113105.jpg 20160312_113040.jpg

The bottom of the oven was still pretty nasty though, and I wanted to see if the rest of the oven could get quite a bit cleaner with only minimal effort, so I broke out the big guns. Mean Green Super Strength Cleaner & Degreaser. I’ve used this to degrease my cabinets, and it works pretty great.


I sprayed it on the entire oven and let it sit for a couple of hours. It dried out by the time I got back to it, so I sprayed it on again before scrubbing with the sponge.




The oven looks way better than it did to start with, and I’m more at ease about cooking food in here now.

I’ll probably go back over it again when I’m out of school, and have more time.

What’s on your spring cleaning list?

Mid Century Modern China Cabinet

Wow, I can’t believe it has been over two weeks since I posted last! Whoops. But I’ll make it up to you this week by showing you my finished china cabinet! A few months ago (4 months to be exact) I shared my ideas for updating the cabinet and asked your opinions on what I should choose. I ended up choosing to stain the piece in General Finishes Java Gel Stain. Many of the pieces I saw were extremely dark, but I did see one that was lighter and I absolutely loved it. I figured I would only do one coat and that would be light enough and let the red tone of the wood show through.

To do this project I purchased:

  • GF Java Gel Stain (1 qt): $26.67
  • GF Gel Topcoat in Satin (1 qt): $26.67
  • Shop Towels: 3 rolls for $5.98
  • Mineral Spirits: $4
  • Foam Brush: $2?

I already had on hand:

  • Plastic drop cloth
  • Rub N Buff Antique Gold
  • Gloves
  • One foam brush
  • Ridgid random orbital sander
  • 80 and 220 grit sandpaper

There are more in depth pictures of the china cabinet before in the post I linked to above, but here is what I started with.

Distinctive Furniture by Stanley mid century modern china cabinet; cabinet restoration

A while ago I cleaned the drawer pulls by letting them soak in baking soda and vinegar for a while then scrubbing them with an SOS pad.

20160130_122436.jpg 20160130_141542.jpg

Next, I sanded the crap out of the whole thing (minus inside the cabinets and the faux wood backing). I used my Ridgid random orbital sander with an 80 grit sanding pad. I wanted to sand down to the bare wood in order to keep the piece from getting too dark. Another reason was there were a few scratches on the cabinet doors and shelves, along with some nasty water rings on the top. I didn’t want to have to fill the scratches in with wood filler.

After I sanded everything with the 80 grit I hand sanded with a 220 grit paper to smooth it back out. General Finishes has a lot of great videos on YouTube that I would recommend watching if you are going to tackle a project with their products. I watched this video on how to apply Gel Stain and topcoat. It also explained not to go any farther than a certain grit or the pores of the wood will be closed and won’t accept the color as well.


After sanding I wiped the entire piece down with Mineral Spirits in order to clean all the dust off and prep the wood. For water based stains use a mixture of water and denatured alcohol.

20160309_131323.jpg 20160309_131332.jpg

You can see in the pictures above how the mineral spirits bring out the red color in the wood. It dries pretty fast so it was hard to get a good picture.

General Finishes also recommends wiping down the surface with mineral spirits right before applying the stain. This helps the stain glide across the wood since it is so thick.

After applying the mineral spirits with a rag, I then used a foam brush to dapple the stain onto the cabinet. Then I used a rag to spread the finish out evenly and wipe any excess off. Make sure to work in small sections so the product doesn’t dry out before you get a chance to wipe off the excess.

Here are some pictures once I got the stain on:

20160310_170513.jpg 20160311_154954.jpg

20160311_154947.jpg 20160311_094737.jpg

I let the stain dry for a full day before applying the gel top coat. To apply the topcoat I got a new foam brush and brushed on the product in a very thin layer. I went quickly at first to get it on the surface then went back slowly to make sure the lines were even.

20160311_155040.jpg 20160311_165847.jpg

You can see in the pictures above how much richer the color is, and how the wood grain stands out after applying the topcoat. (The left picture is without topcoat).

General Finishes recommends putting more than one coat of topcoat on and sanding with a fine grit in between coats. This is because after the first coat of topcoat it is not uncommon for the stain to lift and create a grainy look. I didn’t have this problem so I just stuck with one coat. I also didn’t want to have to do any more sanding.

As I mentioned before, I cleaned the drawer pulls and did not use Rub n Buff on them. However, I couldn’t get the door hinges as clean as I wanted so I decided to use Rub N Buff on them.


This china cabinet also whispered to me how much it would love having little gold feet. Sooo I used some Rub N Buff on the black part on the legs.

China Cabinet Legs Before Distinctive Furniture by Stanley china cabinet | Mid-Century Modern | Danish Modern | Refinished with General Finishes Java Gel Stain

Great thinking, cabinet! I love your little gold feet.

Here are the after pictures!

Distinctive Furniture by Stanley china cabinet | Mid-Century Modern | Danish Modern | Refinished with General Finishes Java Gel Stain

Distinctive Furniture by Stanley china cabinet | Mid-Century Modern | Danish Modern | Refinished with General Finishes Java Gel Stain

I love how much depth this stain has to it. It’s so rich looking, and it was very simple to use. I was shocked by the price of the stain when I bought it, but I hardly made a dent in the can. A little bit of this stuff goes a long way, which I noticed even with the water based stain I’ve used on two other projects. And for an oil based stain, it didn’t have too much smell to it. I did have the windows open, though.

I was not compensated by General Finishes in any way for writing this post, and all of the opinions are my own. However, they did follow me on Instagram. score! 

Distinctive Furniture by Stanley mid century modern china cabinet; cabinet restoration Distinctive Furniture by Stanley china cabinet | Mid-Century Modern | Danish Modern | Refinished with General Finishes Java Gel Stain

So what do you think? Did I make a good color choice? Would you say this is a proper restoration?

Eventually I think I would like to sell this baby, but for now I’m just going to enjoy the product of my hard work.

See You Around!

Lauren ❤

Punch List for A Rent Ready Home

I contacted my landlord with questions about the house which means I am one step closer to buying it. With all of the questions I asked her I should be able to run the numbers, make an offer, and work out a deal. Considering I can’t know how much longer we have until it’s time to get renters I compiled a punch list of things left to do.

In order to have the lower unit rent ready, these are the things that I must have completed

  • Remove the door in T’s bedroom
  • Paint the last wall in T’s bedroom
  • Paint the trim in T’s bedroom


These first three tasks are the leftovers from when I painted the paneling in this room and the fact that the trim is in desperate need of a fresh coat

  • Touch up paint around the house
  • Finish Painting Inside Cabinets
  • Paint Outside Cabinets
  • Seal the grout on the new backsplash


  • Check that the heater is clean and running smoothly
  • Check the smoke detector
  • Fix the run in the carpet
  • Install a fan in the bathroom
  • Fix the overhead light in the bathroom
  • Clean everything

On the other hand, there are also things I would like to have done before we get tenants. Time and money permitting

  • Replace carpet with new carpet in bedrooms/living room
  • Replace carpet with laminate in kitchen/dining area


I’m thinking of going with a laminate similar to this (maybe even this one), and a beige brown carpet

  • Stain stair treads, paint the risers.

These last three wants all have to do with flooring. The only spot in our unit that doesn’t have carpet is the bathroom. Even in the places that it makes sense to have carpet, the carpet isn’t so great even after a good cleaning. Mostly the idea with replacing the flooring is we would likely get a better deal if we bought the same flooring for upstairs and downstairs all at once. One of the first things I would like to do once (if) we get the house is replace all the flooring upstairs even before moving in.

I’m planning on knocking out some of the items on the must-do list over my spring break (in one week). It’s probably a good thing that we just got bombarded with snow here in Michigan, otherwise I might be tempted to do some yard work.

What’s on your punch list?

See You Around!

Lauren ❤


Treasure Chest – X Marks the Spot

A while back I mentioned a treasure chest looking box I was restoring for a friend. I finally finished it and he was so happy with the way it turned out.

My advice to you is to avoid minuscule details AT ALL COSTS. Does this mean I’m suggesting you shouldn’t do projects with small details? YES. Are you going to want to do one anyway? Probably. In those instances where you (and I) are crazy enough to take on such a stupid thing, work smarter and minimize your frustrations.

At first I decided it would be great to try to work around the hardware while it was on the box because I thought I wouldn’t be able to get it off. Then I got really frustrated and realized maybe I should at least try taking it off. My life became SO much easier.

But anyway, here are some before pictures

snapchat-1546228151992089946.jpg snapchat-7107500381036916519.jpg

20160201_104233.jpg 20160201_104104.jpg

I got a lot of people telling me that they thought it looked okay beforehand but up close the stained areas look pretty whack and careless. The hardware definitely needed to be cleaned too.

Also, notice how the left hinge is missing and part of the felt in the box is messed up

The first thing I did was sand the box down really well but I didn’t bother getting all the way down to the wood because I figured the General Finishes stain would be able to cover it up. This is what the box looked like after the first coat

20160201_121153.jpg 20160201_121215.jpg

Then after the second coat


I was using a rag and trying to work around the hardware but I couldn’t get the stain to even out and not look janky. At first I was also using q-tips to get the cracks (which I’ll admit was pretty resourceful), but it wasn’t getting the results I was looking for.

So then I said screw it and grabbed a screwdriver (no pun intended) and pried all the itty bitty nails off.

This is what the box looked like after I got all the hardware off and sanded it down some more.


Before I took everything off I was also trying to clean the hardware with a baking soda and vinegar paste which needless to say it was a pain in the ass. But I found it hilarious that I was brushing the skeletons teeth :p

20160211_221834.jpg 20160211_221825.jpg snapchat-3287326858274105292.jpg

Once I took the hardware off I tried to soak everything in a baking soda and vinegar mixture then scrub the dinginess off but it wasn’t really achieving the look I wanted so I pulled out the Rub-N-Buff in antique gold. It looks soooo much better and still has some of the black showing through.


Once I got the hardware off I also got foam brushes to make the stain look more even as well as to get in the cracks easier.

20160212_203454.jpg 20160212_203439.jpg

I bought new hinges since one was missing and cut away the velvety liner along the two separate pieces to make it look cleaner.

20160214_173440.jpg 20160214_173458.jpg

Here is the box all put back together.


This actually turned out to be a fun little project and I made some money on it which made it even better. Again I don’t recommend torturing yourself with tiny little detailed projects, but I GUESS it might turn out okay.

This summer hopefully I’ll be able to flip some furniture as well as doing furniture for friends and family on a larger scale than this box.

If you liked this post I would appreciate it if you would be so kind to pass it along.

See You Around!

Lauren ❤



The Final Piece to a Paneling Free Home

I have been feeling quite slow moving on progress with the house, so this weekend I finally pulled the trigger and painted little T’s bedroom!


Here is the panorama of this crazy room before its kick ass makeover. Hello again weird door midway up the wall. Glad you decided to make another appearance on the blog. And although the post title basically suggests there is literally no more paneling in my house, I mean the paneling is painted. But then again that’s not entirely true because I’m not going to paint the closet wall until we take out the weird door and drywall it. When that happens I will also fill in the cracks in the paneling on just that wall so it doesn’t look super mish moshy. But anyway, PROGRESS. and that is why we are gathered here today.


First I filled the crib up with the random assortment of toys, shoved it to the middle of the room along with the dresser, took some random stuff out of the room, put other things in the closet, and decapitated the iron man sticker and put him on the closet.

To prep I filled in all the holes with spackle, covered the stuff left in the room with a plastic drop cloth, and took off all the outlet covers. I then went through and sanded all the walls with 220 grit sandpaper so the paint would have better adhesion to the wall. I was going to use my new electric sander I bought, but I figured that would be a little bit excessive for just needing to scuff the walls up a bit.

Please please do not skip the sanding step. When Chris and I painted our bedroom paneling we didn’t sand and it was a big mistake. if the walls are nicked with furniture the paint scrapes right off and there are itty bitty spots where you can see the dark paneling. At the very least rough the surface up a bit even if you don’t go full force and sand the crap out of it.



Before I started painting I went around the room and wiped all the sanding dust off the walls along with any cobwebs in the corners. I also vacuumed the carpet and along the trim to make sure no dust would get into my paint.



When I was cutting in I made sure to get all of the cracks in the paneling because a roller doesn’t do a very good job of that unless you want to push really hard. At this point I also filled in any more holes that I didn’t notice the first time around.


After rolling on the primer I could see a few areas where either the paneling color was showing through or it was discoloration from nicotine. In the end though I decided to only do one coat since that is what we did in the bedroom, and the paneling was even darker colored in there.



Even when I cut in with the paint I filled in all the cracks. When I started brushing on the paint I remembered how much I love this color. It’s called winter sky gray. It seems rather blue to me though which was a surprise when we first painted our bedroom. I guess it makes sense though since skys are usually blue to some extent.


slightly above the electrical outlet near the door, and if you follow the line to the right of the little hole upwards  you will notice some flaws in the gaps. both of these parts were sort of pulling away from the wall which obviously wouldn’t look good when painted. Chris’s genius solution was to staple gun them down, and it actually worked like a gem.

I also really just love this picture because even though the trim hasn’t been repainted yet you can still see the crisp difference between the bluish gray wall and the white trim. Just beautiful. (excuse the splotches, the wall wasn’t done drying yet).


Final product with the “accent wall”. still hadn’t put the room back together yet. I love how much the painted room draws attention to the window and reminds me of how much brighter the room is.

Also notice how high the top of the door goes, and that the area up there is painted. We don’t have a step stool so I was using a chair to paint, but couldn’t reach high enough so I asked Chris if he could reach. He just decided to open up the door and stand on the stairs landing. It’s a good thing we were friends with the upstairs neighbors before they moved in and we keep that door unlocked. (it is set up though so both sides can be locked and not one unit has control over the door). Either way it needs to go. Sayonara door!!


Another view and a way for me to imagine that there is absolutely no more paneling. 😀 I’m in love.



And of course some views of the room put back together/rearranged (minus the still decapitated Iron Man)


If you follow me on Instagram you may have already had an inkling of today’s post before it happened. If not, you should follow me on Instagram because I’m planning on more mini updates with projects as they’re happening.

Before painting my paneling I also got some really useful information in this blog post about what to use on different types of paneling, and some tools that make it a lot easier.

It took me about a day and a half to get this project done and I mostly did it by myself except Chris helped me roll on the primer, and he rolled the paint on by himself. My body was definitely sore from constantly kneeling, standing, and getting up on a chair. Maybe I’m just weak but that stuff is taxing!

I’m so glad to have this project done and I’m thinking it’s really going to propel me into finishing my other projects and working on my time management a little more so even more progress can be made.

What are your motivating factors?

See You Around!

Lauren ❤