Spray Painted Counter Update – Almost 2 Years Later

I wanted to share a little update since it’s been almost 2 years and I still get several views on my post about how I updated my counter tops with spray paint!

I haven’t gotten any questions about how they’re holding up but I know when I was researching doing my counters that was a concern I had.

If you want to see what materials I used and the how-to for this project, check out this post.

If it tells you anything about how they’re holding up, I can’t believe it’s been almost 2 years since I did this project!

My biggest concern was next to the sink where we put our dishes to dry. We have a drying rack but most of the time all the dishes won’t fit in that so Chris lays a dish towel down and lays dishes on that. As you can imagine this gets a lot of moisture on the counters, and it discolors. I went back and added another layer of poly because I was concerned it was hurting the counter, but so far it hasn’t done any damage. (It still discolors when wet, but like only when it’s really wet).

We usually clean down the counters with a Clorox disinfecting wipe or just with a sponge and soap. At first I didn’t think that the Clorox wipes had any effect but I noticed a little bubbling of the poly when I took pictures to write this post.

The variation in color is from the textured spray paint. I’m not 100% sure that this is from using Clorox wipes but I’m pretty sure because I don’t really use them on either side of the sink and those areas don’t have any bubbling.

There’s also this area that looks a little gummy. I’m not really sure what it’s from but it’s not very noticeable and the only difference is that it’s not slippery smooth like the rest of the counter.

There’s also a tiny little scrape or two on the edge of the counter where the white is peaking through. I thought maybe it was a flake of white paint because that’s the case in other areas but I think this is a little ding. When I scratched at it though it didn’t make it any worse.

Overall though I’m really happy with how they’ve held up and I’m actually kind of surprised considering we’re probably not as gentle on them as I thought we should be.

Here’s a full picture of the counters now:

And here’s the before and after from when I originally did the project:

You might also notice that we have a tile backsplash and the upper cabinet doors are removed. If you want to read more about the backsplash check out this post about doing the tile, and this post about prepping the wall.

For the time this project takes, and the amount of money, I think it’s a perfect solution to fixing up counters before a complete overhaul and even a permanent solution for areas like a laundry room.

So there you have it! My counters are holding up great and I’m really glad I decided to spray paint them. My ongoing struggle now is to make our open cabinets look a little prettier.

See You Around!

Lauren ❤


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