Garage Sale Frame to Cute Corkboard 

This is honestly one of those projects that took a turn because I got lazy. Originally, my roommate broke my full-size mirror a long while ago and I was trying to come up with a way to reuse the broken glass. I decided on making a mosaic and searched a while for just the right frame. Then I found this:

It was perfect for my original project because it was a sturdy frame with a solid backing to be able to lay the glass on. The first thing I did was sand it down a little and give it a coat of black spray paint.

I started laying the glass pieces (without glue), but this is as far as I got before giving up (or at least I told myself I would finish it later).

It was looking pretty cool, but it kept getting harder and harder to arrange the glass pieces so there wasn’t much space in between. I also decided when I was finished it was going to be really heavy.

So, instead I had Chris dump all the glass for me and I  pulled out a leftover cork roll and some fabric from the chair I refinished for my mom. I decided to make a corkboard for the office I keep dreaming about.

To begin I laid out the cork and measured the dimensions of the inside of the frame. I measured it out on the cork and drew the lines where I needed to cut.

After cutting I put the cork in the frame to check it was right before cutting the fabric.

To cut the fabric I just placed the cork on top and cut it leaving a little bit extra to fold over the edges of the cork.

My fabric was a little wrinkly, and we have very limited resources to fix that. Iron? Nope. Dryer? Nope. DIY de-wrinkle spray made with fabric softener? Definitely nope. So instead I tried the next closest thing to the dryer trick which was hanging my cut piece of fabric on the towel bar in the bathroom while I showered. Took the wrinkles right out! 🙂

To glue it together I used mod podge on the face of the cork and used my hot glue gun to glue the edges of the fabric to the back of the cork.

Then, to glue the cork to the frame I put hot glue all along the edges and an X through the middle. I had to do it quickly so the glue wouldn’t cool.

Quickly after I placed the corkboard, and tucked the edges into the frame.

And that was it! I plan on using it to “pin” ideas for inspiration and home makeover ideas. Like a little project board.

What do you use to corral your inspiration?

See You Around!

Lauren ❤


12 thoughts on “Garage Sale Frame to Cute Corkboard 

  1. I don’t normally do it with clothes because I don’t usually have to wear anything nice enough to need to be wrinkle free. Fun fact though this board is still sitting on my kitchen table with nothing in it because I let a friend borrow my push pins. At least it’s cute! 😅

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