Painted Glass Jar Pencil Holder

As I mentioned in my Friday Finds post, I collected a bunch of old bottles and was brainstorming some ideas of what I could do with them. I decided to make pencil holders out of a few of the smaller jars that had some cool detail on them. My old pencil jars were made out of tin cans with spray paint and string, and I decided it was time for something different.

Below is a picture from my college apartment, and you can see my old pencil holder on the right.


First I put all my pens and pencils in the jars to make sure they would all fit, and the jars were the appropriate heights.

Shabby Chic Painted Glass Jars

Then I took the jars outside and gave them a couple coats of black metallic spray paint.

Shabby Chic Painted Glass Jars

I liked how they looked, but I thought they needed something that would bring out the cool details in the jars more. (the one on the far left doesn’t have anything special)

Shabby Chic Painted Glass Jars

To try to bring out the details more I sanded the ridged areas.

Shabby Chic Painted Glass Jars

You can tell from this angle that I sanded the jars, but looking at them from the outside there wasn’t a whole lot of difference.

Shabby Chic Painted Glass Jars Shabby Chic Painted Glass Jars

Like basically no difference at all. 😦

SO. I decided to pull out some of my craft paints and paint the insides of the jars.

Shabby Chic Painted Glass Jars

I just used a regular brush (for crafting, not walls :P) and painted on an aqua color in the two outside jars and a lilac color in the middle jar. I also painted slightly on the rims too.

Shabby Chic Painted Glass Jars

Here is what the jars look like from the top. I didn’t bother making the paint really thick because the jars will be filled and from the outside it looks solid enough.

Shabby Chic Painted Glass Jars

And here they are all settled on top of my china cabinet with some DIY canvas art I did a while ago.

What do you think? Do you like the chippy look of the jars?

I still have several other jars to find uses for, but first I think I need to find a good scrub brush that can get into the small necked bottles.

See You Around!

Lauren ❤

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