2016 Goals

2016 is a year I’m planning to be straight fire. I went on an awesome week long trip down south over break and I’m refreshed and inspired to tackle this new year (I’ll post about my trip next week).

When the new year rolls around I like to create a somewhat small list of goals. Some people like to make resolutions and say “new year, new me”. But eventually the newness wears off and “goals” disappear. I like to make realistic achievable goals because they don’t have to be made at the beginning of the year.

I write some of my goals at the beginning of the year, and as the year goes on I add to the list or change it as necessary.

Three categories I want to address are home projects, financial goals, and educational goals

Home Projects for Spring/Summer

As a little bit of background, Chris and I are seriously considering buying the house we are currently renting. We haven’t sat down and talked to the landlords about the details yet, but if I run the numbers and it’s a good deal we will be taking the first leap into real estate investing! That being said, there are some major projects I want to get done to improve the house. I really want to focus on curb appeal this spring and summer (whether or not we are buying the house) so the projects will include:

  • Get rid of moss
  • Plant grass seed
  • Contact the village to level our driveway (it’s actually an alleyway)
  • Fix garage door
  • Plant flowers etc. for more privacy and aesthetic
  • Get rid of junk pile by garage
  • Ask landlords to clean stuff out of garage to make room for work space or storage
  • Power wash house
  • Paint house
  • Paint doors
  • Paint shutters and overhangs
  • Repair deck and paint or stain


Not so pretty, huh?

Financial Goals

  • Buy the house
  • Save money for kayaks
  • Create and use a budget
  • Save money and/or find loans for a down payment if necessary
  • Apply to scholarships for school next year

Educational/Other Goals

  • Look into more information for applying to the Master’s in Public Administration
  • Make the Dean’s list Spring 2016 and Fall 2016
  • Meet 2 real estate investors in my area
  • Go to a real estate investing conference (already registered for one)

One way this year I’m going to try to constantly keep my goals in mind will be by making a vision board with actual pictures of what I want my life to look like.

I will also go and type out more detailed step by steps to achieving my goals as well as creating realistic deadlines.

Overall I would say my goals are mostly aimed at honing in on what makes me happy and planning for the future.

What are your goals for 2016? Do you make goals or resolutions?

See you around!

Lauren ❤

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