House & Home(work) – A Story About Life

December is a busy time with holidays, and the fall semester is coming to an end. On top of that I’m in the middle of several home projects, and can’t make up my mind to finish one before I start another.

In last week’s post I mentioned that we’d be tackling the kitchen backsplash, but it seems now that it’s going to be postponed until later. I guess that’s what I get for trying to predict the future.

We did, however, go to Home Depot to get a few boards to patch the hole in the wall in order to be able to do the tile. I also got Chris’s Christmas present of two Ryobi drills 🙂

I did also work on a few projects including fixing the dings in the countertop, working on the antique chair for my mom, cutting some tile, and of course homework.

I accidentally left a bottle of concentrated carpet cleaner on the counter. It had some solution that dripped down to the bottom and ate through the polyurethane. I sprayed some more textured spray paint on here and a couple of other minor areas.

Once it dried I dumped another layer of poly on and used a roller to spread it out. I wanted to build up the thickness so that’s why I dumped it instead of brushing it on. If you want to see how I sprayed the counters originally, check out this post.

While I was home Friday I also worked on deconstructing the antique chair I’m refinishing for my mom. I was hoping to keep the form of the old fabric in order to use it as a template for the new, but let me tell ya that was NOT gonna happen with this baby.

House & Home(work) - A Story About Balancing Life

The leather was held on by a million tiny nails in weird layers, so I had to use a box cutter to rip the leather in order to pull it off. I’m really not excited to have to figure out how to create a precise template for the new fabric. If you have any tips holla at me.

I also mentioned last week that I came up with a good design for the backsplash. We originally got a box of (80) white 3 x 6 ceramic tiles, and two boxes of (50) almond 6 x 6s.


The above design is what I originally came up with because it was simple and the only thing I could come up with given the size of our tiles. The more I looked at it, the more I didn’t love it and I wish we just had enough of the white tiles.

And then it hit me. Just cut the almond tiles in half and they’ll be the same size as the white tiles. DUH. Chris and I figured out a pattern, and did some very serious mathematical calculations (not!) to make sure we would have enough of both tiles to do the pattern. This is what we came up with:

House & Home(work) - A Story About Balancing Life

And actually the backsplash will only be five rows high. I got a little ahead of myself. So to get a more realistic picture I reconfigured the layout.

House & Home(work) - A Story About Balancing Life

I love this sooooo much better, and subway tile is totally trendier than giant square tiles in straight rows. Boooooring.

Last but not least I started on some assignments, and Chris and I enjoyed some hot cocoa in the new mugs we won from the fire department Christmas party on Friday. Love them ❤

House & Home(work) - A Story About Balancing Life

This weekend was a mish mosh of working on several different projects, and it was kind of chaotic. Our house looked like a DIY war zone, and still kind of does even after I picked up a bit. I feel like I got a lot accomplished with house projects, but I think I should have spent a little more time in the homework department.

My next move will be to make a project list before winter break rolls around so that I’m not a mad woman working on a million things and never actually finishing anything. Even if I only finish the chair for my mom, and the kitchen backsplash by the new year I think I’ll be okay.

Do you struggle with only focusing on one project at a time? Or what about putting “life” over house projects? Would you have chosen a different tile pattern?

See You Around!

Lauren ❤


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