Quick Hardware Update

A while back I showed you my trunk turned into a side table. If you missed it, check it out here. As I had mentioned in the post, I wanted to clean up some more of the rust on the hardware. My dilemma was that I couldn’t take the hardware off so I didn’t know how to clean it really well. Previously I had tried leaving vinegar soaked paper towels on the hardware to counter act some of the rust, and use baking soda to scrub it with. Even after that the hardware was still discolored so I needed to come up with a different solution.

I decided to try using Rub N Buff in Silver Leaf on the hardware. I’m thinking about using it on my china cabinet redo too, and I wanted to have reassurance that I wasn’t going to be messing up a classic piece.


This is what the piece looked like before. The hardware was very sad, and rusty.

Rub N Buff is pretty easy to use. Make sure you are wearing gloves because I don’t think it would be the easiest to wash it off. I was able to pick up a few techniques pretty quickly. This stuff goes a long way, and because of that I had to adjust how I applied it to get a distressed look. If I wanted to get into crevices I would use a q-tip, and if not I just applied it with my finger and spread it out quickly before it dried. If you want a distressed look the key is definitely to put less on and add more later if desired.

wpid-20151114_183744.jpg Quick hardware update using Rub N Buff in Silver Leaf

Here you can see, especially in the center, that I didn’t try to get the product evenly which makes the hardware look like it’s got some wear and tear. I think the updated look is way cleaner than the old rusty hardware.

Quick hardware update using Rub N Buff in Silver Leaf Quick hardware update using Rub N Buff in Silver Leaf

Quick hardware update using Rub N Buff in Silver Leaf

Quick hardware update using Rub N Buff in Silver Leaf Quick hardware update using Rub N Buff in Silver Leaf

I like the new look, but it almost seems strange having the shiny hardware being juxtaposed with the ratty leather. I will have to find a way to condition it a little to give it some life.

https://flipthisrental.wordpress.com/2015/11/18/china-cabinet-makeover-plans-poll/ Quick hardware update using Rub N Buff in Silver Leaf

Now the overall before and after. I think the phrase that best describes the new trunk is “in your face”. I wish Michael’s would have had the pewter color of Rub N Buff because I feel like all that silver is just over the top. Maybe if I stain the legs a darker color (with actual stain) and do something else with the brown metal pieces it won’t look so strange.

Do you like the new look? What phrase would you use to describe the trunk?

If you have any suggestions of what I could do to even all that silver out I would love to hear them. Drop by the comments

See You Around!

Lauren ❤

2 thoughts on “Quick Hardware Update

  1. I like the new look. If you find a darker color R&B or even the stain you’re going to use you can take the high sheen down a tone with a thin overwash. Try it on an inconspicuous spot first. (That’s not what I’d do but it is good advice.) Jo @ Let’s Face the Music

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