Fall & Halloween Decorating

Fall is by far my absolute favorite season. I live in Michigan and the colors here are insanely beautiful. Below is a photo taken by the university I go to, and I think it really captures the beauty we have here during the season.

CMU Fall Colors

With the outdoors looking so beautiful, it just makes sense to me to bring these colors inside too. I’ve slowly been building my fall collection every year, and I’m going to look for some great deals on fall/Halloween stuff after the season is over. Here are a few pics of how I decorate for the season/holiday. Hope you enjoy!









“There’s something spooky out tonight, and I think it’s YOU!!” – Creepy talking skeleton



“Enter if you dare” appropriate for a bathroom door 😉


wpid-snapchat-976232741660030032.jpg wpid-snapchat-6252516833075158123.jpg wpid-snapchat-7380982729364101674.jpg

Pumpkins carved by my best friend, me, and my boyfriend (respectively).


This is a masking tape silhouette of me that my boyfriend and I created for our Halloween party. And no I was not making that face, lol.


We also hung up two black vinyl tablecloths in our stairway entry and cut them into strips to create a spooky entrance. We changed the regular light bulb out for a red light, and black lights in the living room.

So what do you think? My fall decorations are definitely minor compared to the Halloween decorations, but I think that’s because we throw a Halloween party every year.

Do you decorate for the holiday? What’s your favorite season? Do you tend to wait until seasonal items go on sale, or do you splurge right away?

See You Around!

Lauren ❤

6 thoughts on “Fall & Halloween Decorating

  1. The masking tape is great and the pumpkins too! I can’t carve a pumpkin in the slightest. They never resemble what I was trying to carve out and I usually carve out something which was supposed to stay and they fall apart pretty quickly 😀

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