Thrifty Bathroom Storage

My bathroom is pretty small, and seriously lacking in the storage department along with the rest of my house. I’m a total storage and organization nerd, and I would spend SO much money on storage if I could. But since I can’t, I’m always looking for thrifty ways to get the same effect. The other day Chris and I were at Goodwill, and he spotted this 3 piece bathroom organizer for only $10!!

Thrifty Bathroom Storage #thriftstorefinds #goodwill Thrifty Bathroom Storage #thriftstorefinds #goodwill

I found the exact same thing in the $30 range online!! For some reason I couldn’t find this exact thing on Wal-Mart’s website. Maybe they don’t sell it anymore? In that case this piece is a collector’s item 😉 I was a little nervous to buy it at first because I thought maybe some of the pieces were missing. The box was taped really well, but I was able to peek inside and see that the pieces were still in the plastic bags. So, we decided to take a chance on it.

Thrifty Bathroom Storage #thriftstorefinds #goodwill

When I got all the pieces out I found half of the directions and got scared until I found the other half. Nothing a little tape can’t fix!

Thrifty Bathroom Storage #thriftstorefinds #goodwill

After I fixed the directions I pulled all the pieces and was making sure they were all there. And then I came across this…

Thrifty Bathroom Storage #thriftstorefinds #goodwill

You can’t really see it on the paper, but this is supposed to be one piece. I don’t know what happened but there are two of these parts, and both of them were broken. I put the rest of the shelf together while I figured out how to fix these pieces. They went on top so I figured they weren’t necessary, but it would be better if they could be used.

Finally I remembered some sort of welding stuff that came in a tube. I had seen it on Pinterest before but couldn’t remember exactly what it was. When Chris came home from work he told me it was called JB Weld and he already had some in his Jeep! 😀

Thrifty Bathroom Storage #thriftstorefinds #goodwill

It comes in two tubes. One labeled hardener and one labeled steel. He just mixed a fair amount together (equal amounts of both) on a piece of cardboard and applied it to each broken piece. We let it sit over night and it was all fixed!

Thrifty Bathroom Storage #thriftstorefinds #goodwill

Not the prettiest repair job, but it’s fixed and it’s not very noticeable when the shelf is all put together.

Thrifty Bathroom Storage #thriftstorefinds #goodwill

I’ll have to figure out what all I want to store on here, and how to style it but for now I’m just happy to at least have a place to set things 🙂 I want to store towels on it, but most of the ones we have are stained and ugly. That’s another thing I need to invest in.

Have you ever ran into a thrift store disaster, or had a close call? What was your favorite thrift store find?

See You Around!

Lauren ❤

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