Flip This Rental – College Style

Now that I have been settled in to my apartment for almost two weeks I figured it’s time to give you a little tour of my bedroom! The main goal with my room was to fill as much of the wall space with color as I could. I ordered a tapestry from Amazon and it practically fills up my entire East wall. To the right of my wall I hung a big map from my kayaking trip last summer.

Flip This Rental - College Style | My Apartment Bedroom

Above is the panoramic view of my room. I was standing in the doorway when I took this picture. As you can see the room isn’t huge, but it’s a decent size.

Flip This Rental - College Style | My Apartment Bedroom

This is supposed to be an entryway bench but I use it to store jeans, pajama pants, and leggings. I put the bench on risers so it would be easier to grab stuff and I wouldn’t have to bend way over. It also makes it blend in with the room better because all of my furniture is about the same height. On top of the bench I have my textbooks, a jar of change, my jewelry holder, and upcycled cans used for holding pens, pencils, and what not. The lampshade is for a future DIY project.

Flip This Rental - College Style | Small Gallery Wall

This is my small gallery to the left of my window. Once I print out pictures I will add them here to fill in the spaces.

Flip This Rental - College Style | Bed Details

Here are the little details on my bed. I love the idea of having basic black and whites and adding splashes of color with artwork and small objects. The puppy was a valentine’s day present from my boyfriend and he keeps me from getting homesick (yes I know that sounds childish).

Flip This Rental - College Style | Desk Decorations

Everything you see in the gallery above my desk is a DIY I made. My calendar is made from a cheap poster frame with paint samples and washi tape to divide up the days and weeks. I write on it with a whiteboard marker. the vase is a spray painted wine bottle with “flowers” made from melted CD’s and gold wire.

Flip This Rental - College Style | Bedroom Closet

My closet isn’t very pretty but for now it’s pretty functional. I have two different sets of drawers for more clothes and the black bin is all my extra shoes. To the left is my laundry basket, a box full of sweaters, and on top of that I have a bag full of purses I’m currently not using and other bags. On the shelf I fold all my sweatshirts, t-shirts, and tank tops as well as extra sheets for my bed.

Flip This Rental - College Style | Easy Scarf Storage

This is my scarf rack inside my closet. I made this by putting two command hooks on each end and using a curtain rod. I hang most of the scarves up with shower curtain rings. I didn’t quite have enough otherwise they’d all be hung on rings. The winter fluffy scarves are towards the back and the lighter scarves are in the front.

Flip This Rental - College Style | My Apartment Bedroom

I keep my printer on top of this storage ottoman. In the ottoman are random things for hanging pictures and just stuff I don’t use on a regular basis. Below the Arctic Monkeys poster I plan on hanging two sheets of paper. One will have all of my professors office hours and contact information, and the other paper will have the detailed goals that I set for this semester. When I took this picture I just realized that the trim on the closet and the trim on the door are different colors and grain :’D gotta love college housing.

I love how cozy my room turned out and it’s definitely nice being able to have a space to call my own since I don’t have that at home. So what do you think? Did I do a good job hiding the fact that I live in cheap bland apartment?

See You Around!

Lauren ❤

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