August Goals Update

Earlier this month I shared my goals/to-do list for August. Since the month is basically over I thought I’d share a little update with you on how many of those I accomplished. Below is the list from my original post (with strikes through the items I completed) and comments on the unfinished items. I also added the strikes to the original post as I went along.


  • Paint cabinets
    • Not completed due to having to ask the landlord permission 😦 Not being able to paint the cabinets (hopefully just not yet) really drained my motivation because this is a project I really was excited about completing and a pretty significant project at that.
  • Finish painting trim
  • Clean carpets
  • Vacuum windows
  • Clean outside windows
    • Vacuuming the windows and cleaning the outside of the windows went hand in hand. I vacuumed both living room windows and one window in the bedroom. I honestly wasn’t super pumped about the vacuuming because SPIDERS and nastiness, but I really wanted to vacuum before hosing off the windows and using outdoor Windex because I was afraid the water would make the window tracks even nastier. There was a creepy grass spider in between the window and storm window in the bedroom and those suckers are fast! I didn’t want to open the window and try to vacuum it up because I didn’t want it to attack me D: Maybe on a weekend when I’m home before it gets too cold I can finish this project and put borax in the tracks to deter spiders. Are you getting the hint that I haaaaate spiders? 😉
  • Finish chair for mom by August 24th
    • I feel really bad for not finishing this on time because the chair is my mom’s birthday present. I don’t even have all the nails out of the old leather yet and it is absolutely draining whenever I work on this chair. I’m new to redoing upholstered furniture and it’s a bit intimidating which is why I think it’s taking me so long. I also feel like the dust coming from inside the chair when I move the loose fabric around is going to make me sick. It hasn’t but I’m totally a hypochondriac.
  • New flooring?
  • Tile kitchen backsplash?
    • I put question marks on these items because I figured I wouldn’t realistically be able to finish them until I got all the supplies I needed and the help. Getting the supplies cheaply relies on borrowing or getting them from the boyfriend’s family so that’s a little out of my control.


  • Make headboard
    • I still don’t have a stinking pallet!! It shouldn’t take me long at all to actually make it because I think the dimensions of a pallet fit perfectly with my bed so I won’t even have to cut anything, but I am waiting on Chris to get a pallet from work. UPDATE: This project is complete! See it here
  • Make bottle lamp
    • I have had a bottle lamp making kit for a loooong time now but I cannot for the life of me figure out how it’s supposed to work because the instructions are pretty vague. I did just buy a lampshade from salvation army and I have extra light bulbs so at least I have the supplies. I’m not in a big rush though now because the way my room is set up my desk is next to the bed so I don’t need both a desk lamp and a nightstand lamp.
  • Get items from mom – desk chair, plastic drawers, bench cushion
  • Re glue spoon mirror
    • So this whole item is kind of a funny story. I made a spoon mirror for my apartment but wanted to hang it up in Chris and I’s house in the mean time because our entryway was pretty dull. I put command strips on the back of the mirror and stuck it to the wall. For some reason the cardboard/spoon part which was hot glued to the mirror fell off and knocked some of the spoons loose so I had to re glue them (which I did). Now here’s the reason I can’t quite cross this item off my list… when I tried to get the mirror off the wall I couldn’t! I didn’t put the command strips close enough to the edge and they weren’t the Velcro kind so it was stuck. I pulled and pulled but I couldn’t get my fingers behind it well enough. Next I very stupidly decided to put a screw driver behind the mirror and try to pull it off that way. The mirror now has a giant crack down the middle and is STILL stuck to my wall!! I’m trying to think of a way to get it off without cracking it more but I’ll probably have to smash it and buy a new one 😦
  • Finish mosaic mirror
    • This project is pretty time consuming so I decided to put priority on other projects that would make a bigger difference in my room. I think I would like to hang it in Chris and I’s room at home anyway.
  • Make art pieces for vision board

Shopping (For Apartment/School)

  • Walmart
    • Floor length mirror
    • Command hooks/strips
    • Extra shower curtain rod
      • This item would have been used in the back of the shower to hang baskets for shampoo and what not. Five girls are all sharing one bathroom and that is a LOT of shampoo bottles. One of my roommates already had a suction cup basket so I got one for myself too and now we don’t really have a problem with space.
    • String lights
    • Note cards
    • Note book(s)?
    • Colored pens
  • Amazon
    • Tapestry
  • Walgreens
    • Photos
      • I didn’t really want to spend more money so I’m waiting until I have enough Swagbucks to get a gift card big enough for Walgreens to pay for getting pictures printed.
  • Other
    • Socks

General To-Do

  • Renew plates by August 24th
  • Oil change
  • Eye doctor
  • Take cat to vet
  • Dentist
    • Basically all of the unfinished items in this category are because I’m lazy and am awful at making appointments. And don’t think I’m horrible because I didn’t take my cat to the vet. She just needs vaccinations.

Overall I think I did a decent job at crossing off a lot of things on my list in the amount of time I had considering I was already pretty busy with traveling, work, and family stuff. Now that the school year is starting I will be writing my semester goals to help keep me on track and posting them where I can read them every day. Do you write out goals or just keep them in your head? What keeps you motivated to finish your goals?

Thanks for reading!

Lauren ❤

4 thoughts on “August Goals Update

  1. You completed a nice proportion from a huge list. The story about the mirror had me chuckling; sorry about the crack though. If you finish all this by the end of the year it would be a gigantic accomplishment. Hang in there. Jo @ Let’s Face the Music


  2. Hey, you got a lot done! My August list has just moved over to my September list. Don’t be hard on yourself! I finally got my oil changed today after my husband noticed a rattling sound in the engine. “Change Oil” was on my June to-do list. Yikes!

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