Simple Colored Bottles Craft

Lately I’ve been getting a little stressed out about finishing a bunch of projects around the house before I move back to school in the fall. During time off of school I live at home with my boyfriend, Chris, and during the school year I live on campus with friends. Last year was my first year so I lived in a dorm with two other girls, and this year I will be living in an apartment with those two girls plus 3 other roommates that we became good friends with last year. I come home quite often since I don’t live far from the college, but this year I want to make a point to relax on the weekends instead of worrying about homework or trying to do major home improvement projects.

Today I decided to do a simple craft to take my mind off the things I feel like I “have” to do. For this craft you will need:

Mod podge
Food coloring

Simple Colored Bottles Craft How To | Flip This Rental

You can use old bottles for this craft such as snapple bottles, starbucks iced coffee bottles, or you can buy some from a craft store. I had a few snapple bottles on hand so I decided to use those. (I’m saving my starbucks bottles for a coffee candle craft 😉 )

If you are reusing bottles you will need to peel the label off and get off any extra gunk. I used a mixture of mostly baking soda and a little bit of vegetable oil and scrubbed the bottles with paper towel.

This is what they looked like after de-gunking:

Simple Colored Bottles Craft How To | Flip This Rental

Then I mixed up a combination of mod podge and food coloring. I used 6 drops of blue and 4 drops of green. For this project I used hard coat mod podge. This is what my mod podge looked like after adding in the food coloring:

Simple Colored Bottles Craft How To | Flip This Rental

I applied the mixture to my bottles with a brush and tried to keep brush marks to a minimum.

Simple Colored Bottles Craft How To | Flip This Rental

Simple Colored Bottles Craft How To | Flip This Rental

On the left is the bottle mostly dry, the middle is just after applying mod podge, and the right is obviously the original. I was trying to follow a tutorial I found on Pinterest to make the bottles look like sea glass, but I didn’t have matte mod podge and used the hard coat instead. I still like how they turned out in the end though. I don’t quite have a spot for them but I think maybe they can travel to school with me. Maybe I’ll make a pallet shelf for the bathroom and put them up there. The main thing is that this was a nice de-stressing craft 🙂

Simple Colored Bottles Craft How To | Flip This Rental

What kinds of things do you do to de-stress? Would you like to hear about my DIY adventures in my college apartment too? Drop by the comments and let me know what you think!

See You Around!

Lauren ❤

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