Garage Shopping Trip

The other day Chris and I were at his parents and while we were there we took a little shopping trip through his dad’s garage. It was a complete success. We ended up with two different types of vinyl flooring to do the bathroom and the landing at the top of our entryway stairs. We also got two different sizes of white tile to do the kitchen backsplash. We need a few more supplies to get the project started, but I’m thinking it will be very minimal cost and maybe no cost at all.

In order to do the bathroom we need a special kind of glue for the vinyl we got, which Chris’s dad will have soon after he finishes another job. For the landing we need a metal strip that goes where the vinyl and carpet meet. Chris’s dad has a few pieces of it we just need to tell him our measurements so he can cut it. To do the tile we just need to get grout and mortar. I already have some leftover mortar from my mom (not sure how much we need), and Chris’s dad might have grout.

The bathroom floor is made by Mannington and is a type of luxury vinyl called Adura. Our specific floor is called Dockside Sea Shell. I love how much it looks like real wood and it’s easier to take care of than laminate wood floors. I’m thinking it will be easier to install too. In the pictures you can see that it actually has a texture to it. There might even be enough of this to do the kitchen too. Yet another great reason to paint the kitchen cabinets white because the yellowy wood of the cabinets would not look good with this gray wood look.

DSCF0721 DSCF0720

The other vinyl we got is not nearly as cool, but it is still a nice looking wood vinyl. I wish there was enough to do all of the stairs but that is probably extremely unlikely. :/ On the bright side my cat seems to like the new floors 😉


When I got home and pulled the tiles out I realized that they are actually two different colors. Uh oh. I played around with them a little bit and came up with a pattern that I think will work. The only problem is that they don’t quite fit, but we can always trim a little bit of the top tile.


We already have the approval to put the vinyl down in the bathroom. Not sure if Chris is going to ask about the stairs landing or the backsplash, but we’ll see how it turns out. Even if he decides to ask permission I think hope these projects are a no brainer.

See You Around!

Lauren ❤

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