I’m Lauren and this is my brand new blog Flip This Rental. I have a passion for DIY and am enjoying learning about the home improvement process in my duplex rental. Yes you read that right, RENTAL.

My boyfriend and I have been very lucky to rent a 2 bedroom one bathroom house for as cheap as we are…. but…. when we moved in the house had white dingy walls, horrific paneling in the bedrooms, and nasty stained carpets throughout the entire place. Including the bathroom and kitchen. Ew, right? On top of that, nothing was cleaned before we moved in.

Our situation is different than most renters in that the landlady is very willing to not only let us get our hands dirty, but she reimburses us as well! So far we have:

  • Painted all the walls except for the 2nd bedroom
  • Stripped and painted all the trim
  • Added a pedestal sink in the bathroom

There is still plenty of interior and exterior work to be done, and down the road there is even the potential to buy the house on a land contract with the plans to flip it and become landlords ourselves!

Through this blog I will be tracking our progress and sharing some tutorials and ideas with renters and homeowners alike.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope to see you around!


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